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Build High Performing Teams Podcast

Apr 7, 2020

Hey, peeps, I'm excited to share my next guest with you. She is a personal friend of mine, and an absolute powerhouse in the world of marketing in our community here in Milwaukee. Her name is Jackie Hermes. She is the founder and CEO of Accelity Marketing. She is also the co-founder of Women's Entrepreneurship Week here in Milwaukee with two other multi-talented women. She is doing a lot of fun stuff. She's also a future pilot. She's training right now to be a pilot, but you will see how she has built her team from just her to now seventeen employees over the past seven years, making a huge impact in the marketing world. But really what I want to focus on in this episode is how she's established a culture of transparency and trust. You may be wanting to establish a culture of innovation, but we really dig into what it takes to build a culture. And hint, it's not the values that you put on the wall. It's not the vision that you put in writing and send it back to your customers. It's actually more focused than that. So take a listen and give us your feedback. Give us some love as we gave you some love in this episode with Jackie Hermes! 

“I think that every single job I've ever had has taught me how to work really hard. It was easy to see even when I was fourteen years old, how the discipline of working hard got you to the next place. ” At minute 4:28, Jackie recalls her first job and how she learned right away that hard work ethic allows you to have new opportunities and get to the next level in your career.

“I keep telling them right now we are doing okay and we have a contingency plan moving forward. We are hoping to sell more but this is a serious situation. I want everyone to know that they have to be really dedicated and working really hard to keep the business going right now. It feels like sometimes maybe more transparent than I should be but I’m just doing what feels right at this point.” At 26:05, Jackie shares about her transparency with finances with her team, due to Covid-19. It is important for leaders to be transparent during this time so that employees know how a shifting workload will affect the business moving forward.

“I am a part of what's leading the culture. But I've also put it largely on the team to help build a culture to learn to tell us what they weren't and to take part in building that culture. So we have a culture of transparency, which is probably not surprising to you. And we have a culture of working hard, but also not overworking people. ” At minute 40:22, Jackie talks about how she is establishing the company culture but is also empowering her leaders to help build the culture of the company. Collaborating with your team is so important when it comes to culture!

Jackie shared a lot of valuable information about how to build a company culture with transparency. She also gave a lot of helpful tips for all of us, so make sure you stay tuned!

If you want to know more about Jackie and Accelity Marketing, go to Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram @thejackiehermes, Twitter @thejackiehermes and on LinkedIn. Go follow her now! 

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