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Build High Performing Teams Podcast

Apr 14, 2020

Hello, everybody! My guest today is Kelly Roach. She is a coach who typically works with entrepreneurs online, but I believe a lot of the advice we talked about today is applicable to anyone in the world of work and right now it's the changing world of work. Kelly is an expert in a lot of places. She had a great career in corporate America like I did before going out on our own, had a tremendous trajectory there and now has built an organization of 23 people who are leveraging coaching, accountability, incubators, doing a lot of good work training up entrepreneurs for online selling. But let's break that down to how that applies to you. Our focus today is one that is near and dear to my heart, which is not only building and sustaining high performing teams, but nurturing. I think a lot of people hear that word and then like, “nurturing...ugh,” but let me give you the definition for nurture. It is the care for and encouragement of the growth and development of something. The process of caring for and encouraging the growth or development of someone or something, what could be more important to a leaders job then nurturing your team, caring for and encouraging the growth and development of your team? So that's what's going to be our focus today. This is true during any time of the year, but it's especially true during this time of change of the pandemic of COVID. So this is our gift of conversation to you. Please check out Kelly Roach, she's got some amazing resources online. She's got a Facebook community that is strong and free for anyone who would like to hear more information. Check out her podcast, her blog, or any of her social media activities to get more involved. Sending you guys peace in progress. Enjoy this episode on nurturing your team!


“I've learned so much from every job that I've ever had. Because, you know, I think with all jobs, it really comes down to you learning the lesson that you can have, be, do. Whatever work you’re willing to go through to have, be or do. I think that's the lesson I've learned from all jobs that I've had. It's the degree to which you are willing to do what it takes. That is the degree to which it's gonna come into your life.” At minute 5:09, Kelly talks about the importance of learning from every job and empowering yourself to go after what you want, knowing that you are fully capable of it.

“You can feel fearful, you can feel uncertain, you can feel all those human emotions that we all feel. But you can still act in alignment with your convictions, you can still be certain about the value of what your company does or the service or the product or program that you provide. You can still authentically show up and be a true leader, despite none of us knowing what's right around the corner.” At 15:10, Kelly shares with us that it is okay to be afraid and uncertain during this time of change and to use those emotions to motivate you to take action and step up for both yourself and your career.

“If you're just navigating all of this, leading people for the first time and trying to carry them through a really tough time, I think over communication is huge. That's how you create trust, right? And trust is what is going to determine whether people will extend themselves to do the things that they feel scared about doing or do the things that maybe don't come naturally to them. Everyone will need to extend themselves to perform at a high level through turbulent periods like this.” At minute 27:01, Kelly talks about how building trust is the foundation to high performance. Once you have trust from your team, they are more likely to explore and be more willing to learn new skills. 

Kelly shared a lot of valuable information about how to nurture a high performance team. She also gave a lot of helpful tips for all of us, so make sure you stay tuned!

If you want to know more about Kelly and her programs, go to Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram @kellyroachofficial and check out her free Facebook Group of Unstoppable Entrepreneurs. You can also check out her book titled, Bigger Than You. Go follow her now! 

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