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Build High Performing Teams Podcast

Apr 21, 2020

Hey, high performers! Welcome to a new episode of the Build High Performing Teams Podcast. Today, my guest is Lindsey Kunz. She's an author of a new book to be out in July, titled, “Why Women Innovate.” I wanted to bring her onto the podcast before her book launch because I love the work she's doing. She's a young professional, she's working for a startup, and she gave herself permission to play a learner role for a while to interview and research innovative women in the changing world of work. And so she's used all that knowledge and experience to write this great book. Our conversation can apply to both leaders and employees at all levels, because we're really talking about giving ourselves permission in our careers to claim that we both own our careers, and we can choose where they go. Meaning, that we can maximize where we're at right now, in order to get to our best next. If you've listened to me or know me well, that is the topic of my TEDx talk that I gave a year ago, “Leveraging Your Now to Get to Your Best Next.” Lindsey and I are very much in line and she gives some great tips, very tactical things that you can do as you're exploring how to be more innovative in line with your natural strengths, and then how to leverage that to get to new and different things, which is the definition of innovation. I truly hope you guys enjoy this episode with Lindsey. 


“I think one thing that I learned from my experience with sports that I still apply to my life today is that even if you are in an instructive role, you still have to be very cognizant and understanding of where the learner is coming from. Especially when giving constructive criticism. You have to do it in a way where they still feel supportive.” At minute 7:20, Lindsey shares how her background in both participating and coaching in sports help develop her leadership skills. She emphasizes the importance of following up with your teammates and encouraging them to be better in their performance.

“I think that actually, we need to take a step back and say, Where am I right now? And what can I do in the position that I'm in to start developing the skills that I need to get to my next step? I think that's where innovation comes in and plays a role is that the definition that I use for innovation throughout my book is just doing something different than what's been established. ” At 24:27, Lindsey talks about the value of self-reflection when pursuing your career and concentrating on what you are passionate about. Innovation is an important part of getting you to your best next!

“I think passions are something that can be explored and I think you have to go out and you have to try things. You have to have a “yes” mentality and do things outside of your comfort zone. Take those opportunities that you would never have thought you would have enjoyed and just see what you enjoy. You know, it's this playful mindset, I think really is what it's about is trying new things.” At minute 36:42, Lindsey shares with us that there is a lot of power in having a “yes” mentality and exploring new ventures, hobbies, and skills in order to find what you truly love in life. 

Lindsey shared a lot of valuable information about how to live with innovation and get to the next level in life. She also gave a lot of helpful tips for all of us, so make sure you stay tuned!

Don’t forget to connect and follow Lindsey on Instagram @lindseym_kunz and Twitter @lindsey_kunz. You can also preorder her book titled, Why Women Innovate. Go follow her now! 

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