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Build High Performing Teams Podcast

Nov 12, 2019

I know you want to be part of a high performing team and it is my belief that in order to be part of a high performing team, you yourself need to be a high performer. And I have found that the high performers that I work with are more apt to own their own career. They are creating a role of impact no matter where they are. I'm not talking that your role has to be a senior director or vise president of something. The role itself has to be impactful by aligning to your strengths, by leveraging the experiences that you've had. And my guest today, Stephanie Mae Wilson, went from unemployed, newlywed to amazing on fire entrepreneur. She is an author and she has combined her humanitarian work, her experience as a journalist to impact the world today. She really focuses on young women and their key relationships in their early life. And I love her passion. I love what she's doing. And I hope you get a lot from this, not only as an employee of owning your own career, but as a leader on how you can encourage others to do the same. For those of you who don't know Stephanie; Stephanie is an author, course creator, podcast host, and entrepreneur who has always been passionate about pursuing her relationships with her family, friends, and God. Stephanie is the author of The Lipstick Gospel Devotional and the podcast host of The Girls Night Podcast. Enjoy!

“...just a few months before graduation, I had some really life shaping experiences that brought me into a whole new faith and a whole new friend group and whole new lake view of the way that I saw myself in the world that really changed my career aspirations. And all of a sudden I didn't want to be telling the stories from the outside anymore. I wanted to be part of the stories. I wanted to be part of making an impact in the world.” At minute 9:31, Stephanie talks about how she stepped away from pursuing a career in broadcast journalism to lead a college ministry and travel abroad to do more humanitarian work. This was a turning point for Stephanie as she found her calling to lead other women and help strengthen relationships.

“we had nothing to lose. We'd already lost everything. And so, you know, we might as well give it a try and see if we can see if we can make this work. And I just don't know if we would have done it. And we would definitely wouldn't have done it that soon if it wasn't for really losing everything.” At 21:21, Stephanie shares how outside circumstances in both her and her husband’s careers motivated them to pursue their dream careers.  

“I do think that there is something a little bit good about that in the workplace of just listen, this is what it takes to be here. Like we're setting the bar higher than you are because we believe that you can rise to it. And people really did that for me and have done that for me for years of like, you're new. This is what this takes and it hurts. As the new person, you feel like you're totally falling short. And I think there's something really good about that because it's humbling and it's challenging. And I think it makes you.” At minute 44:36, Stephanie and Anna discuss the millennial generation in the workplace and the importance of challenging those around you to dream bigger and perform at a standard of excellence.

Stephanie shared a lot of valuable information about how she is always growing in relationships with those around her. She also gave a lot of helpful tips to fellow entrepreneurs, so make sure to stay tuned!

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