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Build High Performing Teams Podcast

Nov 19, 2019

All right, hipos. Here we go. In order to build a high performing team, the a leader, the team, the organization need to build a sense of community. And really on the top of my list of people who know about community is Natalie Franke. She is the founder of Rising Tide Society. And in less than five years has built a huge community - I think seventy seven thousand plus people meeting monthly, supporting each other. Both Natalie and I are gonna talk about where loneliness can lead in terms of leadership and why community is always a good idea to support encouragement and performance. Enjoy the episode!

“I loved getting to experience an environment where, you know, authenticity and vulnerability in the conversation was cherished and protected. And these stylists were just rock stars, like they cared so much about the people they were serving.” At minute 02:48, Natalie tells us that her first job was being a shampoo girl in a salon. From that first job, she was able to help provide a place where people could experience a safe haven and feel free to share their stories. The ability for stylists to listen and empathize made the experience very therapeutic for their clients. 

“I spent every day behind a computer, not connecting with other human beings, working from home, you know, just really isolated and longing for connection and the chaos and the entire movement was born from that desire to not go through it alone anymore.” At 8:31, Natalie talks about the feeling of loneliness for leaders and how that loneliness motivated her to create community and connection with other small business owners by launching Rising Tide.

...when there is a success, when an employee does something exceptional or given day to day, going the extra mile type work, we have someone on the support team that does something extraordinary for a member or we get inbound feedback that in certain employee has really done an exceptional job.” At minute 29:03, Natalie talks about celebrating wins with your teams, paying attention to when team members go above and beyond and supporting them during that time. Organizations should constantly be investing in the professional development of their employees.

Natalie shared a lot of valuable information about how she is always connecting with others and constantly looking for ways to grow and strengthen the community she is a part of. She also gave a lot of helpful tips to fellow entrepreneurs, so make sure to stay tuned!

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