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Build High Performing Teams Podcast

Mar 10, 2020

I'm very excited that you've joined me on this solo episode! I'm going to share with you a practice that I've had in place for over ten years. I've used it personally, I've shared it with clients, you know, whether you call it a hack or not, I think it's a process that you can follow. And I think a lot of them will get you some incremental results. That compound effect is real, and this is one both personally and professionally that I’ve found great success with. I even had a client reach out to me yesterday that I haven't worked with in five years. They relocated, are doing really great in their career, they reached out to me and said, “Anna, I still use the stacking method and I'm so grateful for this rhythm that I can implement in my day to day.” So it works, guys. Stay with me, even if you're rolling your eyes thinking this is just another hack. It's worked for teams of 5, 50, to 500, or a thousand people and what we're looking at here is moving away from a lot of busy work that is not making a huge impact on us or the world and moving towards more intentional, meaningful work.

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Peace & Progress,