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Build High Performing Teams Podcast

Oct 31, 2019

Selina Gray is a CPA and money relationship expert. Listen as she and Anna discuss how lingering memories of money can affect your performance today, the importance of leaders understanding employees' desires, navigating tough money conversations in the workplace and the #1 thing a leader can do to improve in this area.


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Build High Performing Teams Podcast, Full Episode with Selina Gray


She's a Moneyboss Facebook Group


Episode transcript (need to give you the link from LinkedIn once I publish tomorrow am)

Show Notes

3:50     How to accept where you’re at right now in your relationship with money and lean into why

7:04     Trauma and PTSD around money; understanding where you’ve been 

12:03   A relationship with money should be a two-way street

14:00   Nailing conversations around bonuses and increases at year end (or not)

20:09   Setting clear expectations around compensation and rewards for employees

24:11   How employees can get aligned with leader expectations

27:06   The importance of support for entrepreneurs and start-ups 

31:00   Build a personal Board of Directors

34:04   Money triggers

34:49   What leaders can do to improve money talks 

40:10   “Connection is currency”